Hadrian’s Wall.

Image Courtesy of Wikimedia Commons



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      tha backbone erv England,
unchanged since Roman rule,
            still stretching ern.
Guard us weel,
      haad back tha Scots,
            fer soldiers nuw patrol ere
unda commands not erv Brittania.
Full force a wind,
      pull 'nd push
as yer stand within
            tha Debatable Lands.
Borda clans battled
      te prove ya tha worth,
reiving othas cattle,
      allegiance te no crown.
Frem East te West,
      metres inte tha sky;
you are tha wall erv tha North,
            pride 'nd powa placed in evry stone.

- Rachel Melissa Robson

Image taken from Wikimedia Commons, Creative Commons Licensing, courtesy of Andrew Smith who took the original photo. Edited by Rachel Melissa Robson.