Alnwick Castle.

© Copyright Rachel Melissa Robson



Shadawed sentry stands idly by
while darkness creeps till dawn,
alang tha fields ‘nd owa tha Aln
te tha battlements beyond.
Tha river courses smoothly,
wraiths sneak alang tha banks
shown in suspended moonlight
crouching, hidden, knives in hand.
A light shines doon frem tha toowa
gliding laughter can be heard,
thars a kinda magic in tha air of Alnwick
no Reiver can disturb.
On top tha castle still at ‘is post
tha sentry stands stock still,
he doesn’t move or fear ‘em,
unfortunately he niva will.
For he is anly made a stone,
no heart beats within ‘is breast;
he cannit warn his masters yet,
his stance is jus’ a jest.
So unda waals ‘igh ‘nd
tha entrance towa gate taal,
enemies erv Lord Percy Alnwick
sneak in te populate tha haal.

- Rachel Melissa Robson.