University Project – Poems of Northumberland

Image courtesy of Wikimedia Commons.

The aim of this project is to make dialect or linguistic styled poems more readily accessible to a wider audience.

I chose to write my poems in this manner, specifically in the Geordie accent and based on places throughout Northumberland, as that is where I am from. This allowed me to explore not only places I know well, but also to explore how language can be manipulated and used to strengthen poems when written in a particular accent.

I also want my poems to allow readers from all over the country, and possibly the World, to see the appeal of Northumberland as I sometimes think that the North, and especially Newcastle where I am from, does not have a good reputation. This is due to stereotyping, the news and the more recent development of place based TV series, like Geordie Shore. I want my readers to see the true face of the North, that it is in fact a beautiful and inspiring area with lots of fantastic places to visit and see.

I hope you enjoy my poems and please feel free to leave me any comments if you so choose.

 Rachel x