• Lost and Tired » My broken heart.

    Posted on September 17, 2011 by in General Day Occurences

    A few days ago I found a blog written by a father of three Autistic children. It documents his families struggles and day to day life. It is possibly the most moving portrayal of life I have ever read and I desperately want to share it with anyone I can.

    His children need constant care and his wife is chronically ill and as such, they barely have enough money to live off. I’m telling you this because I hope you check out his posts and maybe donate some money to this very special family by the link set up on his blog. Not only that, but I wanted to share this particular post with you.

    Lost and Tired » My broken heart.

    If that doesn’t show how kind and amazing this man and his family are, then I don’t think you have a heart. Please, please, please take a look at his blog!! Or follow him on Twitter as I do. Thank you.



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