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    Posted on March 19, 2012 by in Events, General Day Occurences, University Work

    So it’s been a busy couple of weeks at De Montfort University lately.

    From the 27th of February until the 2nd of March it was Cultural Exchanges week, where basically there are events throughout the Humanities Clephan Building instead of classes for that week. I went to a few of them such as the Post Graduate Creative Writing Showcase which I’ve been to every year I’ve been at DMU. I really like that event because it shows me that is hope for a writing career after we’ve left university, which is always inspiring. I also attended James Russell’s Harry Potter at the Movies talk, because obviously I am a huge Harry Potter fan. It was very interesting to listen to with lots said about the directors choices when adapting the film from the book, but to be honest, I think it’s clear that I just went really to look at the pictures of the Golden Trio ;). I also of course had to participate in the Launching of the Third Year Creative Writers Publications Projects, of which this website and my Geordie Poems was my contribution. Everyone was very nervous about speaking out in front of an audience, which for me was my first time publicly, but I think everybody did great and we all felt really good about ourselves afterwards, helping us to prepare for our upcoming Oral Presentations for our course.

    On the 8th of March the Queen, Prince Phillip and Princess Kate all visited De Montfort University on the first step of the Diamond Jubilee Tour. Me and my friends were very excited about this and got up especially early to get to uni to find a good spot and of course to get the free Royal Breakfast. There was music, face painting, dancers, free flags and commemorative booklets, as well as many other things happening around Campus and throughout the city center that day. It was a brilliant day even after having hardly any sleep and then standing in the cold for 5 hours before the Queen even arrived but it was definitely worth it, and a memory we will all keep forever.

    Then on Saturday the 17th of March, the Clephan Building hosted the annual States of Independence Book and Publishers Fair. It involves lots of book publishers from around the Midlands and the country all descending on DMU where they then showcase their collections across a variety of stalls, selling their books and talking to the interested students and public about getting published and how to start or go about writing a book. Throughout the day there are also events held with guest speakers from a range of disciplines and subjects. As I volunteered to help set the day up I was the front doorman for most of the morning, handing out the programmes and directing the public and stall holders to their places, so if you saw me there HI! I also managed to attend a few events however after swapping positions with other keen students who I believe were only first years, allowing me to support a play from Off the Fence Theatre Group called ‘Breaking In’ written by Adrian Reynolds, which turned out to be very good and funny. I also attended a reading from Creative Writing under and post graduates where many of my classmates read out their work, both from what they’ve done on the course and privately, of which I also ended up reading two of my ‘Poems of Northumberland’ from my website. I decided to read ‘Tyne Bridge’ because that is an obvious Northern landmark which everyone should be aware of, but I also read my poem ‘Cragside’ as that is my favourite poem from my collection and a beautiful  historic house which I often visit as part of the National Trust when I am at home.

    So as you can see there has been quite a lot on here at DMU recently, and all of it has made me realise how much I am going to miss the uni atmosphere and camaraderie when I go back home in only a few weeks time. I am kind of excited for leaving, but I am also absolutely dreading it, wondering what my future will hold when I am finally out of education for the first time in my life. Guess we’ll just have to wait and see.

    Rachel x

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