• Dear Grandma…

    Posted on September 29, 2011 by in Events

    Dear Grandma,

    I’ve been going to phone you all week and send you a letter with my new address on, and now I can’t believe I haven’t even had a chance to say anything at all. I haven’t even asked you yet if you like your new magnet from our holiday.

    I have been thinking of you though. I was planning what we were going to do when you came down for my 21st and my graduation, and now I don’t even want to do any of those things because you won’t even be there.

    Granda is smiling at me from a picture and I know he’ll be there ready for you, complaining about how long he’s waited just like when we used to wait for you in the car while you finished getting ready. I went outside to look at the moon to see if you were there yet but it’s nearly dawn now and a bit too bright to see the stars, but I know you’re there somewhere.

    I can’t believe I’m never going to speak to you again. And I can’t believe I didn’t make the time to phone you this week. They said they only knew you were ill because Joe phoned you to tell you about uni and he said you sounded sick so they called for Auntie Brenda to go around and check up on you. It should have been me that called. I meant to, and now I never can.

    I miss you already and it’s only been 2 hours since you left. I don’t know why I’m writing you a letter online because you’ve never used a computer in your life, but I’m all alone in my bedroom at uni and no-one’s here to even hug me. I feel so far away from everyone back home. I started to hand-write you a letter but I couldn’t see it properly so I stopped.

    I hope you’re happier now, we all know how much you missed Granda. Now I have two people to miss.

    I love you always. Give Granda and yourself a hug from me. I miss you both so much and I can’t imagine going back to your house and no-one being there.

    You haven’t even taught me how to cook Sunday lunch yet, the way you do it.

    Be safe. Love you xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

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  1. Dad says:

    I was able to read it all through by myself tonight, and it still brought a tear to my eye a flutter to my breathing
    I told your Grandma before she went, that all the grand children and great grand children sent their love. I am sure she new that anyway and maybe its has been just that, that has kept her going for so long.
    I,m sure she’s gone to a much better place, and will already be enjoying a laugh with your grandad. I can just picture your Grandad doing that little shimmy when he was dancing to raise a smile.
    They cant be anymore proud of all of you ! than I have been.
    God bless them both.
    Love and miss them both always xx

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