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My Tumblr name is RachelMRobson.

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Tumblr to me, is a great way to follow television shows, people, art, music and pretty much anything else that interests you. As you can see if you view my Tumblr, I use it mostly to follow TV shows I am a fan of such as Merlin, Doctor Who, Sherlock, The Vampire Diaries, FRIENDS and A Game of Thrones. I also follow Tumblr blogs that specialise in Harry Potter, Disney and various writing and fanfictions. I often search for and find amazing images that inspire me to write, and I am often overcome by how inventive some Tumblr users are in their posts and the images they recreate.


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Instagram is an app from Apple which allows you to enhance and specially filter photos taken from your Apple device, such as the iPhone and iPad. It is an amazing photo community where you are able to follow people and their photos from anywhere in the world, comment and like these images and view some of the most popular posts from users around the globe. The photo enhancing capabilities itself is more than worth a download, even if you’re not interested in the 11million users who love this app! Plus, I always find something new to inspire me.

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