• 2014 – the year of beginnings.

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    Wow, I have just realised how rubbish I am at keeping a running blog now that I am finally working again.

    Well hopefully that is all going to change this year. My New Years resolution for 2014 is to write more and read more, and so I hope to keep this site better updated with all my new endeavours.

    In the past year I have struggled to find work now that I am back up North; I spent many months worrying about it and spending all of my energy looking for and applying for jobs, hence the lack of interest in my writing during that time. In April 2013 I got a job at the Welwyn site in Bedlington, it is an electronics and manufacturing company that provides all sorts of electrical chips and whatever else to factories all around the world. I was only meant to be temporary covering a woman on maternity leave but I am now full time :) thank god!

    Having a job has given me a lot of new opportunities such as finally being able to afford a car, a blessing as I don’t have to rely on my parents to drive me around anymore :) It has allowed me to hone my computer skills, particularly in Excel which I had never really used before. But perhaps the best part is that I was trusted to test and run a new computer system that deals with automated order recognition and entry; at the moment the system is still being tweaked here and there and I run it daily to check all orders that the Welwyn receives. Being part of such a large company means I get to talk to people from all over the world including Germany, France, Italy and China – although I have had some problems with the language barrier leading to some funny conversations :P All in all I enjoy my work there, the people in my office are lovely and are always willing to help the newbie (ie. me!). What I find most hard is getting up at 6am to do my hair and makeup, a woman’s prerogative naturally!

    Now that I have settled into a routine with work and I’m not as tired when I get home I hope to start writing some more as I haven’t done very much in the past year. I had planned a research trip to Wales to visit a setting in the book I am working on however the trip turned into a disaster as we couldn’t find the Centre I wanted to visit! Oh well, I got to visit my friend and some other amazing places while I was there; I might try seeking it out again at a later date :P

    It feels extremely weird to be writing a blog again and putting my thoughts down on virtual paper. I only hope I keep it up better than I did last year!

    Well that’s all for now folks, I will be posting a book review in the coming days :)


    R xx

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